Construction Testing Solutions provides a comprehensive range of on-site construction materials testing and finished product testing services. Our site technicians and engineers carry out sampling and testing to stringent BS EN, ISO, ASTM and Highway Works Compliance standards.

Far from an inconvenience or a “necessary evil”; materials testing not only mitigates risk associated with major infrastructure projects, it can have a positive impact on both timelines and budgets.

We pride ourselves on consistently delivering a high-quality field testing service that enables our clients to meet their compliance obligations. Our accurate results and fast turnaround help reduce project timelines and deliver savings over the lifecycle of a project.

Our field testing services enable our customers to meet and exceed their obligations, ensuring control and compliance on the most demanding of projects. We are happy to provide advice and guidance as to the most appropriate tests to ensure compliance and will recommend cost-effective, best-practice alternatives where applicable.

Our materials testing services are used by major contractors on high profile civil engineering projects across the UK; including highways, infrastructure, commercial and residential developments.

Our comprehensive suite of in-situ testing includes earthworks, concrete and asphalt:



Level of service provided is always of a high standard and always meets the stated requirements outlined prior to testing. Paul Nodder as our main point of contact has always been great in assisting with the many technical queries I have.

Richard Best – Yorwaste
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