Concrete Testing Services

CTS provides one of the UK’s most comprehensive concrete testing services; whether you are evaluating new materials, testing for compliance against UK standards, assessing the condition of in-situ concrete or investigating reasons for failure.

We offer a wide range of laboratory test for both fresh and hardened concrete; including slump, air content, coring and cube manufacture.

Concrete testing services from Construction Testing Solutions

  • Compressive Strength
  • Tensile Strength
  • Density
  • Water Absorption
  • Cement Content
  • Sulphate/Chloride Content
  • HAC Content/Presence
  • Carbonation Depth
  • Mix Design
  • Laboratory Trial Mix
  • Cube, Cylinder and Beam Manufacture
  • Air Content

Our continued investment in process and technology means we are able to offer a rapid, 5-day turnaround for some of our laboratory tests.

For further details, download a copy of our materials testing brochure.

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Construction Testing
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