Aggregate Testing Services

Laboratory testing of aggregates takes place in our purpose-built, air-conditioned and temperature controlled laboratories.

As a major supplier to the UK construction and quarry products markets, aggregate testing is one of the core services available from CTS.

In addition to our standard suite of aggregate tests, our specialist department contains a large shear box apparatus (300mm square), capable of determining the Effective Angle of Friction parameters of soils and aggregates by direct shear to methods described in BS 1377 and The Specification for Highway Works (600 Series, clause 636), both methods being UKAS accredited.

In 2016, we gained further accreditation for the determination of friction and adhesion in accordance with SHW 600 Series, clause 639; allowing for the testing and analysis of Geotextile/Soil interface.

Aggregate testing services from Construction Testing Solutions:

  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Water Content
  • Fines Content
  • Water Absorption
  • Particle Density
  • Flakiness Index
  • Shape Index
  • LA Co-efficient
  • Ten Percent Fines Value
  • Frost Heave
  • Direct Shear
  • Constituent Materials
  • Lightweight Particles
Aggregate Testing Services

CTS is recognised as one of the UKs leading testing laboratories, with substantial experience gained through decades of participation in major construction and civil engineering projects.

Our project and contract managers ensure efficient communication throughout every project and ensure maximum data acquisition whilst minimising costs.

For further details, download a copy of our materials testing brochure

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"Ballast Phoenix produce aggregates in the UK which undergo the utmost scrutiny by specifiers, we decided that we required technical expertise to gain the accreditation required for acceptance and compliance with current standards. CTS now carry out the majority of chemical and mechanical analysis for our UK operations." George Overfield – Ballast Phoenix
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