Contaminated Land Surveys

Where land has been affected by contamination, it may present a risk to people, groundwater resources, surface water bodies, property or local ecosystems.

In order to establish the acceptability of any risk, current guidelines stipulate a phased approach to assessment. Our detailed knowledge of the statutory framework enables us to develop compliant and cost effective investigations to satisfy the exacting requirements of regulatory authorities.

Due diligence assessments can help clients establish potential liabilities associated with contaminated land that could impact on their holdings and investments. By devising site-specific investigations in accordance with current guidance and best practice, we can help avoid unnecessary works and reduce the risk of project and budget overrun.

Our environmental consultants have been delivering technical services and advice on the redevelopment of contaminated sites for more than a decade. Over that period we have established strong relationships with regulatory authorities, including the Environment Agency and Local Authorities, that enable us to meet their specific requirements and ensure the discharge of planning conditions relating to contaminated land.

  • Phase I desk study assessments; including pre-acquisition studies to identify potential risks that may impact on a client’s investment
  • Preliminary risk assessments to discharge Local Authority imposed planning conditions relating to contaminated land
  • Preparation of conceptual models exploring the relationships between sources, pathways and receptors of contamination
  • Design and implementation of targeted Phase II intrusive site investigations to facilitate the recovery of soil samples for laboratory chemical analysis
  • Monitoring of groundwater and hazardous ground gases
  • Provision of interpretative reports discussing the nature and severity of potential risks posed to human, environmental and build receptors
  • Preparation of Remediation Method Statements and subsequent supervision and verification of site works
  • Risk assessments to ensure pile design considers groundwater resources
“I can confidently say that working closely with the CTS project management team has been extremely easy. In my opinion, the close collaboration between ourselves and CTS has benefited both the day to day running of the earthworks testing at EMG, but has also meant that numerous other sites have continued to run smoothly in the background.” DAVE COLLINS – COLLINS EARTHWORKS LTD
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