The practice of soil stabilisation has been a construction industry standard for many years. The effective reuse of site won materials has widespread mechanical, financial and environmental benefits; so, the accurate testing of materials is essential.

Initial analysis is used to determine the physical, chemical and organic makeup of soil, to establish its suitability for stabilisation or reuse. Subsequent samples are gathered and analysed to establish the site-specific mix required to make the material suitable for re-use (if appropriate).

Post-stabilisation testing may also be required, to ensure the finished materials meet design and compliance obligations.

Construction Testing Solutions has been a leading provider of soil stabilisation services for more than a decade. Our experienced team of site and laboratory engineers are on hand to provide advice and support, whatever the final use of the stabilised material.


Soil Stabilisation Services from Construction Testing Solutions:

“We have worked with Jon and Kev for many years and on many projects. They provide a very competent and reliable site service that is backed up with quick reporting of results.

That is everything you need when undertaking large earthworks projects.”

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