Mobile Laboratories

CTS support major infrastructure, construction and engineering projects across the UK with innovative and bespoke UKAS* accredited mobile laboratory services.

Working closely with clients, our mobile laboratory services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project and site needs, allowing complete control over on-site and laboratory testing, including offering rapid sample turnaround times and a cost-effective solution.

CTS’s flexible scope of accreditation enables us to provide customers with a fast and efficient service, with site laboratories being mobilised quickly, allowing testing and analysis to begin as soon as possible.

Our teams of fully qualified engineers and technicians ensure a responsive, high-quality service with technical reporting, on-site support, and real time materials data.

As the UK’s go-to partner of choice for all construction consulting, testing and inspection services, CTS’s flexible approach to mobile laboratory services, along with our focus and passion for always delivering outstanding customer service, is why customers trust us to provide them with all their materials testing and laboratory services.

Our mobile laboratory services are complimented by our UK wide network of CTS UKAS laboratories which offer a wide range of materials testing services.


The range of on-site testing services available include:-

  • Aggregates – Gradings, moisture contents, compactions
  • Earthworks – Series 600 compliance testing including material classification
  • Concrete – Sampling, workability, cube manufacture, storage and compressive strength testing
  • Bituminous – Sampling, in-situ density, rolling straight edge, texture depth, coring
Borrow pit at Northampton Gateway

How CTS can support your sustainability goals:

  • Reduced Scope 1 fuel emission costs by testing samples on site, eliminating vehicle emissions
  • Electric vehicles used for samples needed to be transported to other laboratory facilities
  • Reduced fuel emission costs by employees from parent labs working on site
  • Employing local people to work in the site lab benefitting the local community including offering apprenticeship schemes
  • Participating in and contributing to efficiency schemes operated by the site


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