Let’s Talk Process

Process; it isn’t always the most exciting or invigorating subject, but it can be the making of great (or poor) customer service.

Often when we buy a new phone or we go to a nice restaurant, we don’t give a second thought to how we ended up with the item we purchased or the meal that we ate, but behind the scenes it’s a given that a lot of work was done to get from A to B.

In today’s on-demand culture, where we’re used to getting pretty much everything we want, when we want, in the way that we want it, we can lose sight of everything that needed to be done to make sure we were (at the very least) satisfied with the end product. This is why process is becoming ever more important to every business.

Materials testing may not be high on the priority list or amongst the ‘big ticket’ items on an Infrastructure project, but choosing a service that prioritises quality and invests in its process will certainly make a difference to your project.

At CTS we recently went through some changes as we implemented Lean Process Management to streamline job management, help with resourcing and (the ultimate prize) to give our clients a quality, quicker service. Many process-driven businesses employ Lean and, speaking from experience, its adaptable nature enables us to constantly evolve our service around our customer’s needs.

Although Lean predominantly aims to reduce waste within a business (time wastage, resource wastage, material wastage etc.), ultimately it is the customer that benefits. By reducing waste and making our processes smarter, we’ve been able to reduce the time it takes from getting a job in, to getting the results out.

We can now offer a 5-day turnaround on many of our lab tests, as well as same-day results on site testing. We’ve also been able to reduce the turnaround time on quotation and billing, meaning our customers can focus more of their time on the top priorities.

Coupled with our investment in technology, Lean thinking has also enabled us to give better and quicker access to test results for our customers, meaning that they can access the information that they need, when they need it.

By thinking Lean, we’ve been able to add more value to our customers, ensuring that they get from A to B hassle-free, as well as making our own processes easier and quicker in the process.

We’re committed to always staying one step ahead of the market, investing in new and innovative ways to deliver our service and add value to those that we work with.

If you want to learn more about how we can add value to your project, get in touch.

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