Geotechnical Testing Services

Geotechnical testing is an essential part of the planning, design and construction of infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, foundations, flood management structures, clay barriers, as well as general building works.

Testing ensures the ground is suitable for what it is intended for or can help identify potential remedial works to make it fit for purpose.


Our 17025 UKAS* accredited geotechnical laboratory testing services include:

  • Moisture content
  • Plasticity index
  • Incremental loading oedometer
  • Direct shear tests using 60mm shearbox
  • Permeability tests using a flexible wall permeameter
  • Direct shear tests using 300mm shearbox
  • Consolidated triaxial compression tests on water saturated soils – by isotropic consolidation (undrained and drained) single stage and multi-stage test
Large Shearbox

Our specialist services include:

Triaxial permeability
Soil permeability checks the rate of the flow of water through soil materials. CTS offers triaxial permeability tests, providing critical geotechnical information for a wide variety of projects. Permeability testing is completed by a flexible wall permeameter in a triaxial cell method.

Large and small shearbox
Shearbox tests are applied by engineers to determine the stability of materials to confirm compliance to specifications and establish failure strengths for embankments, buildings, and other structures. CTS offers peak only or peak and residual direct shear tests using 60mm and/or 300mm shearboxes.

One dimensional consolidation (oedometer)
Soil consolidation is the process where an amount of soil compresses due to an applied stress. Understanding how the ground is going to consolidate is vital when constructing embankments, buildings, and motorways. CTS offers one dimensional consolidation tests using an incremental loading oedometer to quantify the critical soil properties associated with soil consolidation. This test aims to measure the vertical settlement of a soil sample whilst subjected to a vertical load.

Consolidated drained and undrained triaxial with pore pressure measurement
At CTS we offer effective stress triaxial tests which determine shear strength properties whilst simulating the insitu stress conditions.


Our Geotechnical testing services are complemented with our wide range of earthworks testing services.

As well as providing this comprehensive testing capability, CTS group’s CGL and Mason Evans businesses offers a full Geotechnical, Geoengineering and Geoenvironmental service throughout the UK.

* For a full list of our UKAS accredited activities please click here.


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