Evolving our Identity

You may notice that we have started to roll out an update to our brand identity, so we wanted to share some information about what we are doing.

As we continue our growth strategy, the number of businesses across the group is growing exponentially, serving clients across the construction industry and beyond.

To reflect this, we are making changes to our logo to ensure our portfolio of companies that work in complementary fields all all recognise they are part of one overall business and reflect the same banner – CTS Group.

CTS Group Logo

You will see our new logo out and about with the Construction Testing Solutions, Nicholls Colton and GT Certification businesses all making the change.

We are also making changes to our CGL, Mason Evans and Silkstone Environmental companies with their logo’s reflecting the wider group with the addition of ‘Part of the CTS Group’ added to their logo.

Our Group of companies

Let’s dig a little deeper and share our journey and evolution of the CTS Group.

Our current logo has represented CTS since 2011 but there is a wealth of history that comes before this.

Some of you may know that the CTS business was founded in 2006 as Earthworks Testing Solutions Ltd and started officially trading in 2007.

But the origins of the business began much earlier than that in 1989 as NDT Flexitec with its first materials testing laboratory in Kent. The following year saw a new lab open in Wolvey allowing expansion into the Midlands, along with gaining NAMAS accreditation.

Jump forward to 1994 and NDT Flexitec rebranded as Construction & Engineering Testing Group and then in 1999 they saw their first acquisition of RM Brown Site Investigations which gained them entry into the subsidence investigation arena.

2005 saw a management buyout by Dunedin, followed in 2006 by CET acquiring Safehouse UK and the business rebranding as CET Safehouse and in 2008 CET opened its laboratory in Scotland.

In 2011 Earthworks Testing Solutions rebrand as Construction Testing Solutions and in 2012 CET Safehouse started a Geoenvironmental business with a team of experienced consultants joining the company and then in 2013 they rebranded as CET Infrastructure.

Construction Testing Solutions went on to open a chemistry testing laboratory in 2014 followed in 2016 by a geotechnical testing laboratory based in Chesterfield. Whilst CET opened a laboratory in Heathrow.

2016 was a busy year with CET acquiring Construction Testing Solutions (CTS), in addition to acquiring Omega Calibration which later rebranded as Calibration Testing Solutions in 2019.

In 2017 the CTS Warrington laboratory opened, and the Doncaster site was expanded. 2018 was another busy year with a Structures division introduced to CTS, the CET Scotland and Midlands locations were rebranded to Construction Testing Solutions and the group were acquired by Palatine PE.

Esseltest and Enverity were next to be acquired in 2019, and then in September 2020, CET Infrastructure was consolidated and rebranded as Construction Testing Solutions. Shortly after the acquisition of CGL was completed establishing the CTS group of businesses within the Top 10 Geoconsultancy firms in the UK.

2021 saw the acquisition of Nicholls Colton and Silkstone Environmental followed by Mason Evans and GT Certification in 2022.

And the story won’t end there so watch this space…


So why the change of logo?

Well let’s face it, everyone calls us CTS for short anyway and as we welcome more companies to the group, we want a way to reflect the growing nature and inclusiveness of the business.

But while we have changed our company name and logo, we are still very much the business you have always known. We may be a bigger team, but putting our clients first is still at the very core of who we are. In fact, it’s one of our values. ‘Think Customer’

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