CTS saves 731,000 litres of water thanks to Recycling Scheme

CTS World Environment DayCTS reduces fresh water intake by over 731,000 litres since starting thanks to Water Recycling Scheme.

Tomorrow, Saturday 5th June is #WorldEnvironmentDay, and we wanted to share an update on our Water Recycling Initiative that was implemented at one of our Materials Testing bases in Harrietsham. Since investing in the water recycling system, we have been monitoring results so we could demonstrate to ourselves that the benefits were measurable, now we are delighted to report that this has delivered way beyond our expectations.

Since launching the initiative, CTS has reduced its fresh water intake by 731,000 litres, as well as saving over £13,000 per annum.

The recycled water is now reused when undertaking its Particle Size Distribution testing by filtering the recycled water to maintain sample integrity at the same time as allowing water to be recycled , helping to further reduce the company’s impact on the environment.

Russell Barnes, Technical Director commented: “Following a review as part of our Lean Process Management programme, we looked at how we could start recycling the wash water from our Particle Size Distribution test washes, as well as making use of the rainwater collected from the roofs at Harrietsham.”

“The site historically didn’t have a drainage system and as such we were reliant on a soakaway system. This system was silting up over time and becoming less effective, which eventually required the collected water to be removed via tankers. We already had a 5,000 litre collection sump underground, which became our starting point.”

“The water collected from the sump point is transferred to a 3,000 litre holding tank, which acts as the settling point for the larger particles. The water is then passed through a series of filters, incorporating a 10-micron filter (to capture the larger particles, then a 2-micron aperture, to capture as many fine particles as possible. Once through the filters, recycled water goes into a holding tank ready for use in the washing area of the lab at Harrietsham.”

Continuing, Russell said: “Since launching the initiative, we’ve seen a significant reduction in the cost of our water bills, as well as a decrease in the number of sump lifts needed on-site.

CTS ESG PillarsEnvironmental Social Governance (ESG) has always been important to CTS, and as the company rapidly grows we wanted to ensure that we had clear focus on how we operate in regard to the planet and our people.

As our ongoing commitment to ESG, CTS are delighted to announce that we now have established ESG teams across the group, focusing on our Environmental, Physical and Community pillars.

Environmental – protecting our planet and environment both inside and outside of work

Physical – taking care of our bodies and protecting our health

Community – giving back to our communities and supporting good causes

Having already formed our Emotional pillar some time ago which looks after our employees mental wellbeing, we established Wellbeing Leads to support the business, trained a further 20 people in Mental Health First Aider, and recently became a Lighthouse Club Company Supporter and signed the Building Mental Health Charter. You can read about some of our recent fundraising for Mental Health Awareness Week here

As the work streams further evolve we are confident that many other opportunities will present themselves as well as CTS being able to adopt some of the existing initiatives in our other sites.

Watch this space for more exciting developments.

#GenerationRestoration  #WorldEnvironmentDay

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