CTS launches its latest apprenticeship scheme

CTS, the leading supplier of construction testing, inspection and compliance services in the UK, are pleased to welcome five new apprentices to the CTS Group.

CTS launches new apprentice scheme

The programme of work will see them complete a level 3 laboratory qualification over the next 18 months, supported by our experienced internal industry experts with additional classroom based training provided by CSR Group.

We asked Jade who has joined our Billericay team a few questions on why she joined CTS.

What attracted you to CTS?

I have always taken great interest in the science behind everything and how it all works, therefore the laboratory role really stood out to me because it gives me an opportunity to learn and gain new skills within the sector which I can then carry over when advancing in my future career.

Why did you want to become an apprentice?

I wanted to become an apprentice as it is a step forward in my career which allows me to obtain greater knowledge and understanding of what my role entails, get relevant hands-on experience and a qualification at the end, all whilst still earning an income!

What do you enjoy most about the role so far?

So far I am really enjoying getting stuck in and having an insight into all the techniques and processes used within the lab. It is interesting to see how different methods are used to gain specific information about soil and it’s properties, along with the impacts it can have.

What’s the best thing about being an apprentice so far and what’s the most interesting thing you have learnt?

The best thing about being an apprentice so far is working alongside an amazing team who are teaching me new skills and information which I am able to develop and improve on each day. Seeing as this role is completely new to me, I found each of the processes taken out in the lab very intriguing.

What interested you in joining the construction industry?

I am a rather artistic person who’s very keen on architecture and design, therefore with the lab work being based around construction, I thought it would be a great way to understand some of the processes that undergo before and after a building is placed and how numerous factors can effect the ground underneath a settlement.

What would you say to others that are considering a role in construction or considering training as an apprentice?

To those who are considering a role within the construction industry, I would highly encourage you to go for it! There are so many sectors within this industry alone with numerous opportunities to shift around and try various fields of work, and along with there being such a high demand for infrastructure, jobs will be widely available no matter where you are. Also as the world and technology evolves, new exciting ideas will develop enabling you to acquire different skills and techniques over time.

To those who are considering becoming an apprentice, it is an incredible opportunity to learn whilst you earn and is a great way to kickstart your career by gaining relevant skills, information and experience that you can apply later on in the future!

Carolyn Cole, HR Director shared

“I am delighted to welcome the CTS apprentices onboard and look forward to seeing and hearing about their journey as they progress. We are passionate about learning opportunities within CTS and the creation of our lab apprenticeships goes another step further to supporting our career pathways.”

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