Construction Testing Solutions sign the Pledge to Net Zero


We are excited to announce that the CTS Group, including CGL, Nicholls Colton and Silkstone Environmental have signed the Pledge to Net Zero.

Pledge to Net Zero was developed for companies in the Environmental and associated industries to provide a way to allow them to demonstrate not only their commitment but also their delivery of objectives in order to reduce their carbon emissions year on year. Ultimately, the positive changes that Construction Testing Solutions (CTS) can deliver all contribute to the objectives of the Paris Climate agreement, to reduce CO2 emissions to a level that positively influences average temperatures across the globe. This pledge commits CTS to reporting our carbon footprint on an annual basis, setting and achieving science-based targets in reducing that footprint and also publishing work to inspire or support our clients and suppliers as well as our competitors in doing the same.

2100 Warming Projections
Image credit to the Climate Action Tracker project

Following the signing of this pledge, we will submit our proposed target reductions which will include plans for improving our carbon reporting even further through such business wide initiatives as modernising our vehicle fleet to move towards low carbon solutions and using renewable energy sources across our laboratories. As well as initiatives that support the whole group, we have recently established a local network of Environmental Champions at each of our sites as well as investing in full time resource to lead our whole ESG agenda of which this is a critical piece of work and will also capture and pursue local initiatives that also contribute to a reduction in the businesses CO2 footprint.

Phil Coles, CEO of Construction Testing Solutions said “I’ve personally been involved in environmental initiatives in numerous roles for over 15 years and despite this length of time and the high profile that this subject has had, it is clear that in every part of our society we must accelerate and increase our activity and focus to genuinely deal with what we know is a global problem. Despite the focus and profile given to our impact on the environment we must do more with a greater degree of urgency to make as big a sustainable contribution as we can, irrespective of the scale of each business or individual’s impact. By continuing to reinforce the importance of this, implementing changes to positively affect it and sharing each other’s learnings we can only have a positive impact on the situation.”

It is a great opportunity for us to show that we can build companies that are environmentally sustainable and resilient and at the same time can continue to successfully grow and prosper. This proactive approach reinforces CTS’ internal agenda and priority with regards environmental impact and creates a real focal point for all of our team ensuring that we improve today while protecting tomorrow.

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