SMAS Membership Renewed

Maintaining standards of health, safety and quality are critical in any workplace environment. Third-party validation of these standards provides customers with the assurance that all works are carried out to a recognised level of safety, security and professionalism.

Doncaster-based Construction Testing Solutions are a leading provider of on-site and laboratory testing services. Over the past 10 years, it has established a reputation for excellence in servicing the UK construction, quarry products and civil engineering industries.

As a part of its continued commitment to quality and excellence, Construction Testing Solutions has secured its SMAS accreditation for the coming year.

The SMAS accreditation allows partners to:

  • Quickly and easily demonstrate your H&S competence to clients
  • Increase your chances of being on preferred supplier lists for tenders
  • Save time and money by benefiting from SSIP mutual recognition.

SMAS is a member of Safety Schemes in Procurement, SSIP. Holding a valid SSIP Member Scheme certificate means that a contractor has demonstrated their capability by meeting the SSIP ‘core criteria’.

“It is of paramount importance to our Clients that we enrol with an SSIP register Member Scheme such as SMAS. Not only does it give them assurance that we take H&S Legislation seriously, it additionally ensures that we have appropriate management systems in place which are then regularly audited and up to date.

Our team have worked magnificently well together to ensure our renewal of SMAS Membership was successful.”Jon Hardcastle, Managing Director

Click here to view the SMAS worksafe contractor membership certificate.

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